A Message From Our Founder, Holly

I’m here to change the way you think about sunscreen. No longer is it a sticky, tacky, smelly mess that you put up with at the beach. It’s a feel good lotion, a refreshing makeup setting spray, your got-to-have-it mousse, that you’ll want to wear. Every. Single. Day.™

Why you ask? Because when I was in my late 20s I learned what it feels like to have a close friend diagnosed with skin cancer, and then and there I promised myself that I would make a difference. A dermatologist taught me that it was daily exposure starting as a young child that was the culprit, and I immediately thought about my third graders on the playground without a trace of sunscreen to be found. Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer, but it is also the most preventable. Yet we don’t wear sunscreen…until now.

I learned that the number one reason we don’t use SPF is because it doesn’t feel good on the skin. Not to mention that at the time (and still today), most formulas were full of controversial ingredients that no one should be putting on their largest organ (your skin!). You’d think that would be easy to fix, but it took me three years to create my first formula, and I’ve never stopped innovating since. Our goal is to go where no SPF has gone before, and to do it with the most clean, ingredient-conscious formulas out there. We want to take away all the reasons you’d say no, and for it to be a healthy habit that we all start from a young age.

But what’s the point of championing this cause if you aren’t going to do it with a smile? As we like to say, no one puts on sunscreen to stay alone inside. We put it on to go out into the world, to share experiences, to make memories. Ever wonder where the name Supergoop! came from? Not being from the beauty industry I referred to our earliest lab samples as “goop”. When Supergoop! Everyday SPF 50 was presented, I said “this goop is super!” and that’s how Supergoop! was born. It was a very exciting time for me which is why it’s always written with an exclamation point!! Oh and I’ve got another one for you. Try to say it without smiling. See, I told you so.

So get out there, be sun safe and live life in the sunshine!



Holly E Thaggard
CEO and Founder, Supergoop!