Welcome, Maria Sharapova! Our New Co-Owner And Ambassador Of Suncare As Skincare!

Maria Sharapova and Holly E. Thaggard of Supergoop!

I recently watched a TED interview with Bill and Melinda Gates about their foundation and the work they’ve done with vaccines in third world countries. Melinda spoke about how they’ve realized it’s not enough to just have the science and make vaccines available, but it is equally as imperative to educate mothers on the importance of vaccines. As she eloquently put it, the “delivery piece is every bit as important as the science.” This idea really resonated with me. We have spent years in the lab perfecting our products to make them truly feel good, but without educating people on the importance of wearing sun protection every single day, changing people’s perception isn’t possible.


We want to change the status quo and make sun care as much of a daily habit of health as brushing your teeth in the morning. I’ve spent the past six plus years trying to shout this message, but my voice can only go so far. I needed a megaphone to help me on my mission. With that, I’m thrilled to welcome Maria Sharapova as our new co-owner and ambassador. More and more everyday, people are barraged with messages of all types through ever increasing forms of media. It’s the authentic messages that take hold and are able to set change in motion. A Google search of “sharapova sunscreen” shows just a snapshot of how important this healthy habit of everyday sun protection has been to her over the years. While recent research shows that 90% of the signs of aging come from sun damage and we know that skin cancer is 17 times larger than any other leading cancers, there has never been a significant advocate or voice for education around this messageBecause of her passion and her wide reach of fans spanning the entire world, Maria is the authentic voice we need to help spread our message to as many people as possible. We are so excited to have Maria on the Supergoop! team and look forward to working together to fundamentally change behavior in the daily use of suncare.


by Holly Thaggard

Supergoop! was created in 2007 by San Antonio based Holly Thaggard, who currently serves as CEO. When a close friend was diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of 29 a lightbulb went off. Being a former third grade teacher, Holly had watched children venture out to recess and the practice fields at school with no trace of sun protection. Learning that early prevention is key and understanding the importance of healthy ingredients and feel good textures, Holly set out to develop formulas EVERYONE would love to wear. Simply put, Supergoop! is feel good suncare you’ll want to wear.

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